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Phil Patton
APA Sports Physiotherapist, MACP

Australian Physiotherapy Association
La Trobe University
Sydney University
Diane Lee
Chikly Health Institute
Barral Institute Australia
Upledger Institute
Buteyko Clinic
Australian College of Physio
Australian Physiotherapy Association

After working as a sports physiotherapist for over a decade, Phil was astounded by the number of clients who had tried multiple forms of physical therapy and were still experiencing severe or indefinable pain.


Wanting to do more, Phil decided to expand his experience and training, travelling overseas to study a variety of physical therapy techniques that were successfully being used to treat pain and illness in patients of all ages and states of physical health.


He now helps clients experiencing a wide range of symptoms – from an injured ankle or sore back, to chronic muscle and joint pain, and other undiagnosed physical discomforts.

Professional Titles and University Qualifications

  • Titled APA Sports Physiotherapist

  • Master of Sports Physiotherapy (La Trobe University, Melbourne)

  • Bachelor of Applied Science - Physiotherapy (The University of Sydney)

Post-Graduate Training

  • Certified Integrated Systems Model Practitioner (Diane Lee)

  • Certified Visceral Manipulation Therapist (Barral Institute)

  • Craniosacral Therapy (Upledger Institute)

  • Lymph Drainage Therapy (Chikly Health Institute)

  • Buteyko Breathing Practitioner (BIBH)



Memberships and Affliations

  • Member Australian College of Physiotherapists

  • Member Australian Physiotherapy Association


​​How Phil Works


During your initial appointment with Phil, you can discuss your symptoms, test results, prior treatment, and relevant medical history.  Phil will conduct a physical assessment and begin treatment. Phil will also create a treatment plan.  For some, this may be weekly sessions. For others, it may be fortnightly appointments for 3-6 months. Your treatment plan is tailored to treat your unique symptoms, and your personal schedule.


You can make an appointment at Mountains Physio even if you do not have a referral from a physician.


Sessions at Mountains Physio are a little longer than standard physiotherapy appointments, as Phil prefers to maximise what can be achieved in each session.


Phil's Story


Phil's love for physiotherapy began at a young age, having been through his own struggles with physical health.


After an operation to correct an unexplainable intestinal issue at only 9 months old, he was plagued by severe growing pains as a child, leading to a knee injury when he was 12 years old that prevented him from doing his favourite thing in the world…playing sport.


As a teenager, Phil endured the nickname “Grandpa” because he was always getting injuries and sprains that stopped him from joining in with others.


He became fascinated with the human body and mobility, and set out to find a cure for his own mobility problems. This led to a career in physiotherapy and subsequent study in complementary techniques that would lead to a better quality of life for his clients.


Phil understands the physical and emotional anguish that comes from not being able to do what you want to do every day.  He finds great joy in helping others understand, manage and eliminate their pain to improve their health and wellbeing.

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