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Phil Patton
APA Sports Physiotherapist, MACP

After working as a sports physiotherapist for over a decade, Phil was astounded by the number of clients who had tried multiple forms of physical therapy and were still experiencing severe or indefinable pain.


Wanting to do more, Phil decided to expand his experience and training, travelling overseas to study a variety of physical therapy techniques that were successfully being used to treat pain and illness in patients of all ages and states of physical health.


He now helps clients experiencing a wide range of symptoms – from an injured ankle or sore back, to chronic muscle and joint pain, and other undiagnosed physical discomforts.

Professional Titles and University Qualifications

  • Titled APA Sports Physiotherapist

  • Master of Sports Physiotherapy (La Trobe University, Melbourne)

  • Bachelor of Applied Science - Physiotherapy (The University of Sydney)

Australian Physiotherapy Association
La Trobe University
Sydney University
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