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How Buteyko Sessions Work

Phil teaches Buteyko breathing to people of all ages – including young children with asthma – via one on one sessions and group workshops.


In one hour, Phil can help you learn the fundamentals of Buteyko, including:

  1. The importance of nasal breathing

  2. How to measure your breathing rate

  3. How to control and improve your breathing rate

  4. How to use Buteyko at the onset of a panic or asthma attack


Buteyko Breathing Method

In 2006, Phil discovered the amazing power of Buteyko breathing, and studied at length to become an accredited Buteyko Practitioner.

The Buteyko breathing method was developed in the 1950s, after an extensive study found that many people – particularly those with health problems – are prone to “over breathing” or hyperventilation.

This actually results in a lack of oxygen in the body, because when you exhale you are breathing out too much CO2, which your body needs to distribute oxygen around the body.

The Buteyko method seeks to retrain the body to breathe less, resulting in higher levels of CO2 and improved health.

Buteyko is believed to be an effective treatment for over 120 ailments and diseases, and is a recognised treatment for asthma in a number of countries.